Backstage at Hackett S/S 2013 by Hatnim Lee


“What am I talking about? Come on, Eff. I know you; you know me. We dated. We’ve fucked in every sense of the word. We are Cook and Effy. The fucking world knows us.”
Skins uk (2007-2013)

 Postcards From Google Earth
“The images are screenshots from Google Earth. They are glitches that occur when the 2d satellite imagery and 3d terrain don’t line up quite right, or structures such as bridges get projected down onto the terrain below, creating fabulous and unintentional distortions”- Clement Valla



image of Princess Diana on a yacht in Portofino, Italy, in August 1997.

I was there two weeks ago omg

i was born two days after she died, and my mom used to tell me that a princess died so a new one could be born, and since then, every year in her death anniversary i cry for her and when i have a daughter i will name her after diana